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Reading a Book

Literacy - Focused Family Engagement Programs 

Achieving Literacy Goals Together 

The EdVenture Group is committed to listening to literacy needs in each community and designing literacy-focused family engagement programs to bring family-facing professionals, students, and educators together through literacy to improve student achievement. EdV has developed programs including Level-Up: Achieving Literacy Goals at Home, Pathways to Literacy, and quality professional development for schools. 

Level-Up Program 
The Level-Up Program makes literacy kits accessible to students, families, and educators  in elementary schools across WV. These kits provide the opportunity for school-to-home connections and shared literacy experiences. Specific project activities include educator and family evaluation on literacy-focused family engagement, educator training,  leveled literacy kits, and family engagement events. A key element of the Level-Up Program is delivering 13 customized take-home literacy kits that families can check out from each school when families need supplemental literacy resources. Currently, the project is piloted in 10 WVFEC elementary schools. 


The Central West Virginia Writing Project 

The EdVenture Group is excited to announce a new partnership with The Central West Virginia Writing Project (CWVWP) this year. As part of her role as an EdV Program Manager, Donna Atwood, will serve as the co-Director of the CWVWP. Donna brings her background and passion for literacy to this role and looks forward to supporting the Young Writers Day Contest and the CWVWP Writing Conference


“I am excited to enter this new role with the CWVWP and look forward to seeing how the CWVWP and EdV can support West Virginia educators, students, and families in their writing efforts.” -Donna Atwood.


CWVWP is a site of the National Writing Project (NWP), the largest and longest-running professional development initiative for teachers in the United States. The CWVWP follows the NWP model of ‘teachers-teaching-teachers.’ The West Virginia National Writing Project site has been supported by Marshall University, South Charleston Campus, since 1978. The site has delivered professional development in teaching writing across the curriculum to hundreds of K-adult teachers through partnerships with county school districts and individual schools.

For more information on literacy and efforts to support readers in your classroom, contact us today! 

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