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"Ensuring that parents/caregivers and school staff understand that the responsibility for children’s educational development as a collaborative enterprise is a key to school improvement and student success throughout the implementation process of our statewide family engagement center initiative in West Virginia."

Assistant Director, Dr. Meaghan Cochrane

Strong Families, Stronger Students

The West Virginia Family Engagement Center (WVFEC) program is based on current, evidence-based practices that engage families, educators, and community members in the educational process to enhance student academic achievement. This initiative offers families a variety of opportunities to participate in their child's learning both

inside and outside of school.

Engagement vs. Involvement

The West Virginia Family Engagement Center program engages schools, families, and the community to transform family engagement across West Virginia based on current evidence-based practices in the field. Through a partnership of schools, students, families, and community partners, the West Virginia Family Engagement Center encourages families to be actively involved in their student’s education at school, becoming full partners in educational planning for their children, and active participants in decision making processes. The West Virginia Family Engagement Center program is grounded in the idea that an inclusive family-school environment creates a culture of learners that involve families and the school’s community in meaningful contributions to improve the educational results of its students.

Our Project Region

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The West Virginia Family Engagement Center serves 100 schools from 37 counties across the state. 

Each year, the project works with a cohort of 25 schools to provide customized family engagement programming and support to schools, families, and communities.

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